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Rector Global Certifications stands for ensuring Quality and bringing enthusiasm and eagerness for Continuous improvement in every way the business works. Rector Global Certifications is a leading provider of Business Accreditation Certifications, including ISO Standards and HACCP, for a wide range across the globe. We provide Accredited and Compliance International ISO Certifications, ISO Auditor Training, and other supporting services to help business improve the process and performance of your business.

We have been certifying the business enterprises across various sectors of economies for their ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 50001, ISO 37001, HACCP, BRC, GMP, CE Mark, FCC, Rohs and various other system and product certifications. We have served more than 10,000 Clients across the globe for almost 25+ International ISO Standards and other Services like Safety audits, Energy audits, Water audits, and various other specialized Services. In our efforts to continually maintain the credibility and integrity of our ISO certification process and Auditing, we follow the strong principles, resources, and skills of our people having vast experience in ISO Certifications & other industries.

Rector Global Certifications currently possesses a number of scopes for certification in a wide range of industrial and business sectors and offers client-friendly assessments and certification throughout the world as per ISO 17021 Standard requirement. Rector Global Certifications has an excellent reputation for certification services because of the unified approach of certification. All management system certifications comply with ISO 17021.


  • Rector Global Certification is Independent and accredited by the non-IAF accreditation Body. The certified organization can not claim the certified body status in govt procurement or tenders/bids in case such organization has specifically required certifications/compliance from only acceptable IAF Accredited & Registered Certification bodies on its competency criteria. Any such status claim or representation shall be the sole responsibility of such organization and Rector Global or any of its associates/representatives shall not be liable for such act of the organization.

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